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Semone Balthazar

           Growing up in a family of 5 children being raised by a single mother, my childhood was far from fun. I grew up in the inner-city of Scaborough, Malvern. There were many days I went to school with no food, and many nights I went to bed with no dinner. Summers were often spent outside in front of my co-op with the occasional trip to the local public library. I always dreamed of being able to attend a summer day camp as the other children did at school. Sadly, that never happened due to the high cost of summer day camps. 

        I graduated from Trent University with a Double Honors in Women Studies and Cultural Studies in 2012. Following my undergraduate degree I obtained my Bachelors of Education Degree at Brock University, winning the Deans Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2014. I also obtained a Masters Business Licence during the year 2013, which allowed me to open up my own business - Camp Green Light.

         Now an Ontario Certified Teacher, with 6 years teaching experience I have successfully been running Camp Green Light for 5 years to date. The philosophy behind Camp Green Light simply stems from my childhood. I believe that every child should be entitled to a fun filled summer, with the opportunity to experience day camp at an affordable price. 

Children are Unique! 

Camp Green Light truly believes that all children are unique. Our overall goal is to ensure that your child understands how special they are. All children are equal, and they all deserve to enjoy their summer break! Swimming, field trips, pizza days, sports and arts and crafts, are just some of the ways in which we aim to make the 2 months of summer unforgettable! For just $250, your child can have the best summer ever! 

Hurry, space is limited!

© 2013 Camp Green Light

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